Making great tasting cookies without wheat, milk, eggs or butter in a peanut and tree nut free facility is a tremendous challenge. Although we follow the best possible procedures to avoid the allergens listed above, we do use a blended margarine and chocolate chips that contain soy. Also, we use soy milk in our recipes.

We feel the soy adds a texture and flavor that you will love. We know how it feels to be concerned about safety and since soy is an allergen of concern for some people, we clearly label our cookies as containing soy.

Gluten Free Oats

People with Celiac should decide with their doctor if they can safely eat gluten free oats. To assist consumers with making informed choices we provide detailed information on each of our packages about our use of gluten free oats.

Current research that shows that most people with Celiac Disease (probably 99%) can tolerate limited amounts of gluten free oats. For adults the recommendation is to limit daily intake to ½ to ¾ cups gluten free oats. For children the recommendation is ¼ cup per day.

The important recommendation to consult with your doctor before deciding about oats takes into account that in addition to being intolerant to gluten, some people with Celiac have difficulty with another protein in oats. Research has brought to light a possibility that about 1% of people with Celiac may be “avenin responders”, or unable to tolerate another protein in oats called “avenin”. It is thought that this is why a small group of people with Celiac cannot tolerate even gluten free oats in the diet.

With these issues in mind, we take special care to provide clear information that our products contain gluten free oats, and how much is in each serving.

Of note, we use only certified gluten free oats in our recipes, and we test them in our own lab to be sure! We feel that oats give great texture and flavor to our cookies. They also add nutritive value.

We take our decision on the use of oats very seriously and feel it is consistent with the National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement on Celiac Disease. Our decision is also consistent with Health Canada’s position on oats. We encourage you to discuss this issue with your health care provider, and make the decision concerning oats that’s right for you.