Who is Lucy?

When Dr. Lucy Gibney discovered her child had severe food allergies, she got down to some serious medical research—in the kitchen. What began as a mother’s tasty recipe for her child has today developed into a delicious alternative for people with or without special dietary considerations.

Lucy's cookies and cakes are gluten free and made without milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts, but you'd never know it—they’re scrumptious. We employ the very best allergen control methods to help safeguard you and your family.

Lucy’s stand as proof that a modified diet doesn’t have to be a limited diet.

Start eating what you’ve been missing.

What makes Lucy's cookies and cakes so different?


Every crispy, crunchy, delicious Lucy’s cookie has a light airy texture people love. Read what people are saying

Dedicated Bakery.

Lucy’s cookies and cakes are made in a dedicated bakery where we use the best available testing methods to exclude specific allergens: gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

Dr. Lucy Gibney.

As an M.D. and mother of a child with severe food allergies, Dr. Lucy Gibney brings understanding and a first-hand knowledge of the importance of strict quality standards and how to achieve them. With clear ingredient and allergen information on our packaging and careful selection of all raw materials, we employ the very best methods for quality control.

Dr Lucy
Photo by Eleise Theuer

Dedicated Bakery

Our products are made in a dedicated bakery where we incorporate strict standards you and your family can count on.

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Our products are certified gluten free, kosher pareve, vegan and VA Finest.

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