Lemon Goodness

With flavor that is deep and old-fashioned, “goodness” is the best word to describe these delicious cookies. They’re actually fantastic, amazing, and fabulous—yet the word “goodness” just fits. The zesty citrus zing in these cookies will satisfy your taste buds!

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk

So rich, delicious, and indulgent, you might only be able to eat a couple of these Chocolate Chocolate Chunk cookies at a time. Since they are made from nutrient-rich ingredients and have so few calories, they make the perfect quick chocolate fix. Eat smart!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

These award winning chocolate chip cookies just took top honors when compared to major gluten free or vegan cookie brands in an independent taste test. Savor the organic cane sugar sweetness and our fancy dark chocolate chips. Yum!

Ginger Snap

These snaps are made with real ginger, lemon and a tiny tad of chipotle spice. We put the snap into the snap! Kids love them just as much as grown-ups do. They're my new favorite. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Thin

When we bake our cinnamon thins to crunchy perfection, delicious cinnamon fills the neighborhood air and smells divine. We have lots of friends around here! Many fans have been known to eat a whole box at a time. Beware!

Oatmeal Cookie

These oatmeal cookies have been called our “Mona Lisa.” Simple perfection. Mild sweetness with a hint of salt makes for a great taste all of the time. Perfect with coffee in the early morning or an apple after school. Enjoy!

Sugar Cookie

In The South, we say “bless your heart” in many situations. Like grandpa just finished off all of the sugar cookies again – “bless his heart!” A family favorite and a timeless treat. Keep the pantry stocked with these classics.